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Book your FREE valuation book a visit from one of our friendly and passionate property experts and see how tem-po can sell or let your property and save you money.
Appraisal and Valuation
No hard sales, just a valuation with good, honest advice to help you sell or let your property.
Join up with tem-po and we’ll take some fantastic photos, measurements and detailed descriptions.
Market your Property
We'll pro-actively market your property and present it in the best possible light as well as listing on the UK’s biggest property websites.
We will schedule appointments, organise your viewings and seek feedback. We can also offer accompanied viewings if required.*
You’re not on your own! We will work hard to ensure that you get the best price for your property.*
We typically achieve 97% of the asking price or higher.
Completion Management
We will manage your sale all the way through to a successful completion.* We will
  • qualify your buyer to ensure they are in a position to proceed
  • recommend excellent conveyancing and mortgage services
  • chase others in the chain and keep you updated
Live Help book a visit from one of our friendly and passionate property experts.

If you go ahead today for just £360 inc VAT?
Move the sliders to see how much tem-po could save you against traditional percentage based fees.

You could save with tem-po
Calculation: Property price ( ) multiplied by the commission percentage ( ) = plus VAT at 20% provides total commission of inc VAT, take from the tem-po package of just £360 inc VAT provides a total saving of .

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